Art of crafting | The perfect time to Focus on what truly matters

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Art of crafting

When was the last time you stopped and reflected about your behavior? Every day we make hundreds of decisions that are given very little attention.

It is often when we are faced with situations that make us realize how fragile and precious life is that we stop and see our life with a little distance reflect on our decisions in everyday life. Then we start to appreciate the things that truly matter.

We all need time to get away from everyday responsibilities and let our mind and heart free and find a natural rhythm again. Everyone needs to get out of goal-oriented thinking once in a while and focus on reflection and giving, something that is often overlooked but that can rejoice us with a feeling of meaningfulness and tranquility.

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In our blog, we will bring up inspiring themes such as finding a balance in everyday life. Focusing on what truly matters, surrounding ourselves with positive energy and things that give us meaning or the healing art of crafting and creating. We can only change ourselves but we can all bring more positive feelings to this world by focusing on what really matters to us! This is what JO & LYD is all about.

We want to give more people the possibility to pursue crafting and creating as a source of income that can make them feel more whole while it helps them to put food on their tables. At the same time, it makes the world a more beautiful place with handmade products with a meaning.

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