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Hello to everyone!

In this article, I want to introduce to you who we are in JO & LYD and what we do.

Our company’s target is to promote Handmade quality accessories that have real and practical use. Eco-conscious, handmade quality products. Eco-conscious, handmade quality accessories. Our suppliers are small companies and individual people who create beautiful handmade and quality products. We feel it is our responsibility to support independent artists and designers production. We support start-up companies that create job opportunities.

Handmade quality accessories

All handmade quality accessories are designed and manufactured by our partners living in Europe and the United States. We always focus on emphasis, on quality, and functionality. That is why you only find a small number of many of our products because we want to emphasize quality rather than quantity. Products from bulk production in Asian factories that do not meet our expectations are not promoted and you will not find any such products in JO & LYD.

We do not promote Chinese imitations. Every product comes with a leaflet describing the producer and the design. On the products you buy from JO & LYD there is a label of the country of manufacture and the manufacturer name.

We do not buy products and raw materials from major Asian factories because they violate labor and human rights. We work with people who respect the environment, humans, and animals.

“If you want to change the world, be the change you want to see happen, instead of trying to change everyone else.”

We support small start-up businesses and all of our products come from E.U and USA.

If you create accessories and knitted handmade clothing, do not hesitate to contact us. We could be interested to buy your products and promote them worldwide.

For any other question do not hesitate to contact our team here



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