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I will deal with a vast variety of topics about what concerns the average modern man.
When I say, modern man, I don’t mean either the model that works out and is photographed in exotic beaches or the man that possesses apartments worth millions of dollars in the center of New York. The standard that I promote in Men’s Lifestyle Blog is the simple everyday human with all the imperfections and weaknesses that he may have.
I will avoid the temporary and pretentious beauty of Instagram. The reality sets the foundation of our effort for a better quality of life.

Men’s Lifestyle Blog

My only standards are successful people. Without regarding the social class. These are the people that try for the best. That respect the fellow man and the environment, that love the animals and respect the diversity.
I don’t believe in newspapers and loose solutions. And as you probably already understood I don’t believe in newspapers and the false view of social media that doesn’t respond to reality.

Men’s Lifestyle articles

In these articles about men, we will talk honestly and openly about whatever bothers us. For whatever we want to change and whatever troubles us. For whatever we are passionate about.
I am referring to the everyday man. The man that tries for the best. The fighter of everyday life and the inquiring mind.
I am referring to the man that wants to share his experiences about topics that regard us all. In this blog, we are all writers and readers. We exchange opinions, ideas, and proposals.
My goal is to talk openly about all the topics that regard the modern man. To talk openly about what we love, what we are passionate about, about what makes us better people and about what we want to change. The goal is through the exchange of opinions to become better men. Better husbands and better friends. Better humans.

Tips about modern Men

Through the Men’s Lifestyle Blog, you will be informed from specialists in this department about the best and most valid information about the modern man there is. You will not read something that you have already read before, but my goal is for you to learn about something new.
In the online magazine of JO & LYD, you will not find articles that are copy-paste from other blogs. Every article that is published here is 100% original and signed by the author. We will talk openly about the challenges that a modern man faces through the lenses of family, career or through the friendly environment.

Men’s fashion

We will analyze with help from specialists’ topics about health, ecology, environment, career, and shopping. We will also talk about the internet, fashion, and technology.
Presentations of new products, proposals for shopping and reviews of products.
News about men’s fashion, health, physical exercise, sport, music, cinema, travels, food and a lot more topics that regard the modern man.

And of course, our readers will be updated about all the new releases in the market. New men’s products, reviews, and proposals for a better quality of life. Focus on quality.


Men's Lifestyle Blog
Men’s Lifestyle Blog


Handmade products

As far as the products are concerned please allow me to give the emphasis on something worthy. I want to emphasize the organic cosmetics and handmade apparel – accessories. For the environment and wellness and because handmade clothing and accessory are characterized by quality. And is one of a kind. Anyway, this is the basic principle of JO & LYD. To support new manufacturers and designers that they produce based on quality and not quantity.
Therefore, I want to give emphasis on handmade clothes and accessories. Every one of us is different. We believe and want what we wear to be one of a kind like ourselves.

Organic men cosmetics

We give emphasis on organic products to take care of the body. The need for a healthier life and our detoxification from toxic products that do more harm than good has resulted each and every one of us to turn into ecological cosmetics.
We will update you about the best men’s organic cosmetics that are on the market with all the details about prices and the places you can buy.

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In our website, you will also find discount coupons. To avoid losing any offers, subscribe for an instant update of all promotions and discount directly to your email.
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Men’s Lifestyle Tips

All our articles will be signed by the authors of the texts, so to ensure the maximum reliability and trust in every information we share with our friend readers.

Share your thoughts and experience

You can write your impressions on a trip you’ve recently made, about new products that deserve promotion, hotel reviews, shops, and products.
If you like to travel and take pictures, share your experiences and your pictures on our Men’s Lifestyle Blog with a thousand other friends and exchange information and tips with other readers. Send your article and your pictures and we will publish it, in Men’s Lifestyle Blog.
We will host articles about cars and motorcycles. Information that will help our friend readers to learn what new is happening and deserves our attention.
Write and share your thoughts and proposals for a life of quality. Tips and small secrets about fashion and beauty.

If you are a food blogger we will be happy to host your articles about kitchen and food. Smart solutions, new recipes, small secrets about food and much more. Share your thoughts with Men’s Lifestyle Blog.

Men’s handmade accessories

If you are a fashion blogger with a specialty in handmade knitwear clothes and accessories or if you are a designer and you want to promote your products you can do it through our Men’s Lifestyle Blog completely free. It’s enough to be handmade if it’s about clothing or accessories or ecological if it’s about food or cosmetics.
If you are interested to write articles to Men’s Lifestyle Blog that interest Men’s don’t hesitate to contact us here.

I will come back soon with many and interesting articles for Men’s.

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