Unique Handmade Jewelry Ideas 2018

What makes handmade jewelry the right choice for you?

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Do you want to look trendy and fashionable at the next social get together? Ladies, don’t you want to be the belle of the ball and mesmerize everyone with the perfection of your attire and jewelry? Well, today we decided to bring to you a list of 16 unique handmade jewelry ideas that will sure make women steal envious glances at you at the next party! Not only will these stunning ideas of beauty enhance your overall look, but will also make you the rage of the function. You sure will look classy and chic if you follow these handmade jewelry ideas.

Handmade jewelry has definitely become very popular among women of all ages. Whether you are an office worker who wishes to wear delicate pieces of jewelry or are a chic university student in search of intricate necklaces to embellish herself, handmade jewelry is definitely the right choice for you.

The range and diversity of handmade jewelry are simply mind boggling. The human mind is the hub of all the creativity. And when this creativity is employed to make beautiful handmade jewelry, the results are sublime. There is a lot of variation that can be added to a simple piece of jewelry, making it more attractive and appealing. Not only van handmade jewelry makes you look more elegant and presentable, it can also give you a fresh, vibrant look.

What makes handmade jewelry the right choice for you?

The list of as to why your jewelry boxes should be full to the brim with handmade jewelry is literally endless!

Nature motifs

First thing first: who isn’t intrigued by the splendor and beauty of nature? Eye-catching motifs of colorful butterflies, turtles, flowers, trees, birds and sea shells can undoubtedly make pieces of handmade jewelry simply surreal. These motifs, inspired by nature, are the core idea of handmade jewelry. Together with the planet-wide transition towards energy efficiency, nature friendliness, green energy and smart consumption, nature-based ideas become hallmarks of several major handmade jewelry ideas.

Featuring nature in beauty items is what makes these handmade art efacts all the more attractive.

Natural materials

When we say natural materials, we don’t just refer to wood, leaves, twigs and leather. There’s more to it! Handmade jewelry embellished with vibrant peacock feathers, sea shells and birch bark are the new trend for classy, modish women. And let’s not forget the endless variety of natural stones that have always been the pride of all artists’ masterpieces.

Raw minerals

Another nature-based trend: use of uncut minerals is gaining momentum in its popularity this year. Whether you are fond of pretty necklaces or delicate rings, attractive raw minerals are definitely going to make you look splendid!


Filigree detailing has been profoundly popular in handcrafted jewelry, especially in earrings, rings and pendants. This year, handmade jewelry is plated in rich antique patinas including oxidized sterling silver, brass, aluminum and copper.

Choose the perfect handmade filigree jewelry for your next meeting, date or party.

Combining fabrics and materials

Now this one will give you the most regal look you’ve ever had!

This year, when you choose jewelry to match your outfit, try to incorporate materials used for your handmade jewelry with the fabric of your clothes. If you are going for a sequins look then choose handmade accessories that have a sparkly finish. What are you waiting for? Go to your nearest jewelry shop and opt for handcrafted items that match the fabrics of your dresses: satin, silk, denim, they’;; have it all!

Jewelry is definitely going to some new and exciting places this year, and you certainly do not want to miss out on some of these dazzling trends . These latest handmade accessories will make you giddy with their big, bold cuts and takes on color.

Wooden jewelry

Wood is an ideal material for enhancing the quality of every type of jewelry. there is an elegant gamut of wooden jewelry to suit every occasion and match every taste. Eye-catching natural stones go perfectly with intricately carved wooden pendants, and serve as the best option for casual or semi-casual settings. Like all the masterpieces of jewelry, wooden jewelry personifies a creative blend of designs and textures.

Each individual piece of jewelry is fretsaw to shape and then meticulously carved by hand. And the best part of wearing wooden jewelry definitely is that it is extremely lightweight. So if you like large pieces of jewelry, then you should opt for wooden jewelry. it will be lightweight and easy to wear and carry.

Wood artists expertly combine various types of exotic wood tp create unique artefacts of wooden jewelry. Modern, elegant and contemporary, handmade wooden pendants and earrings are amazing works of art. Wooden costume jewelry is also the main trend of handcrafted jewelry this year. Handmade Wooden jewelry comes in an electric mix of resin, leather, plastic and lacquer.

Wooden jewelry is open to innovation and creativity. That is why, this year’s fashion trends are highly influenced by handmade wooden jewelry. Wooden adornments can definitely give you a very sophistic look and make you look very admirable.

Intricately carved wooden jewelry is a solidified trend that’s been brewing for some, but continues to skew more whimsical and playful as the year progresses.

Stripped down, oversized, handmade jewelry that borrows from tribal decorative traditions is especially hot this year! Wooden jewelry gives you a look that flatters universally. Be it a sterling silver wooden pendant necklace or a leaf motif pendant necklace handmade from wood, you’ll look charming in these beautiful wooden artefacts.

Wire wrapped jewelry

Ladies, wire wrapped jewelry has suddenly become the rage of the modern day! Wire wrapping ios one of the oldest techniques of making handmade jewelry.

Wire wrapped jewelry is made of wire with mechanical connections instead of soldered junctions. There are certain elements that are common to all wire wrap. These include wrapped loops, braiding and weaving, wired wrapped jewelry has always been famous among women of all ages and professions. However, recently the trend of wearing this jewelry has dominated the fashion industry. Because of its delicacy, beauty and preciseness, this form of handmade jewelry has become the first choice of a plethora of women.

Even though metal smith techniques are not incorporated in to wire wrapped jewelry, this does not reduce the artistic value of this diverse form of jewelry. Today wire wrapping has become incredibly popular because of the individuality and uniqueness of each piece

If you are a voguish jewelry enthusiast then you must consider adding wire wrapped jewelry items to your collection this year. Not only is this jewelry trendy and lightweight, but it also admirable economical. Rich, bold and exquisite to delicate, intricate and beautiful, wire wrapped jewelry offers it all!

Why should you choose handmade jewelry?

Like sustainable food and fashion, artisan jewelry has become increasingly popular as fashion is it’s have started admiring natural materials, minerals and other products used to make handmade jewelry. in the simplest terms, artisan jewelry is defined as wearable pieces of jewelry that are custom-made by a skilled craftsman.  Handmade jewelry is just available everywhere-from a craft fair to a boutique or a local shop, this jewelry is almost conveniently available.

Crafted from an endless variety of materials, handmade jewelry is a wide-ranging category that includes colorful beaded bracelets to regal wooden pendants, artisan jewelry is the best pick this year.

Because each piece of artisan jewelry requires extra care to be created, you may feel that this form of jewelry is comparatively more expensive than mass-produced jewelry. Well, something that takes extra hard work and creativity to create deserves to be valued higher. Usually, the cost depends on the quality of raw material used to make this type of jewelry. But the good news is that sometimes you can find high-quality artisan jewelry at relatively low prices too. A simple piece crafted from sterling silver will cost you less than a custom engagement ring or a pendant featuring a large, pecious gemstone.

Why spend extra?

It is definitely tempting to buy low-priced, machine-made pieces of jewelry from the market. But think about it this way purchasing a custom, handmade item is like buying an original painting versus getting a poster paint of a famous artwork. Sure the poster has the aesthetic merit, but it misses that special magic of the artist!

So see, there are plenty of reasons to choose handmade jewelry instead of machine made accessories. Handcrafted necklaces, rings, bracelets and pendants are crafted out of love.

Another very important reason for choosing handmade jewelry this summer is the high degree of personalization these accessories offer. In many cases, machine-made jewelry items lack the depth or personality that can be assimilated in to something handmade. Therefore, the fact that mass produced jewelry items are not designed keeping a wearer in mind, they definitely are not that appealing as handcrafted items are. Right from the first cut and mold to the color choice and clarity, everything is personalized and perfectly sized to suit your precise needs.

A special piece of jewelry, whether whimsical or investment-worthy, delicate or heavy, is the epitome of great things coming in small packages. For something’s that technically considered an accessory, a sly piece of jewelry can have a mammoth impact on your overall look. Think about it this way: a favorite sweater that you only probably wear once a month, but a beloved handcrafted wooden pendant or a signature bracelet? You can wear those everyday and they might even become a part of your identity.

So this is the predominant handcrafted jewelry trend this year: to wear an exquisite piece of jewelry to match your style. And when it comes to handmade accessories, they can be personalized to suit your taste. That is why; opt for a glittery handmade bracelet or a smug wooden pendant to enhance your overall appearance.

Jewelry designers are a thriving part of the fashion community. And this year, these artisans and fashion enthusiasts are focusing more on natural materials, raw minerals and big, bold stones to give you the most dazzling look of all times. Jewelry in the year 2018 is all about transformation, re-invention, and most of all, self-expression. More and more artisans are experimenting with innovative ways to use resin-a hard, translucent substance that can be given a custom color or left clear, in their designs.

However, we are seeing the material most in its pristine, undyed form in handcrafted jewelry.  In this uncolored, blank state, it serves as a perfect picture frame for anything. Ranging from flecks of rose-gold leaves and miniature animal figurines to petite preserved flowers and twisting tufts of moss, resin can be used to imprint all these beautiful images.

The handmade jewelry styles this year are mostly modern, but not necessarily edgy or austere. Resin rings and bracelets are playful and organic, making them appropriate and attractive for all ages and aesthetics.

Anklets come around again!

Whether understated metal chains or funkier beaded numbers, pretty handmade anklets have soared in popularity. Usually aesthetics are looking for anklets as an easy way of to dip a toe in to the body jewelry trend without adopting some of the more daring styles. While the sandal season is almost gone, these increasingly popular pieces of beauty and style can easily transition to suit fall’s statement mules, lace less leather sneakers and embellished loafers. Handmade anklets are also ripe for layering and personalization.

Not-your-grandma’s pearls

We are convinced that if any genre of jewelry is ripe for a reboot or a revival this year, it is pearls. A mainstay for human adornment for over decades, pearls haven’t felt fresh in a log time. But now that’s changing! Today’s artisans are setting aside the traditional strands our grandma’s wore very elegantly, and replacing them with minimalist contemporary compositions. These streamlined designs of handmade jewelry featuring pearls are attracting the most attention. Cocktail rings and ear cuffs crafted in geometric shapes along with tiny wearable sculptures with a single dazzling pearl are the new trend of the year.

Grown-up friendship bracelets

Yes, handmade best friend jewelry is in fashion again this year. So when do you plan to gift your friend a customized, a beautifully crafted knotted bracelets or a half-heart charm necklace? This year, you can easily find elegant, grown-up interpretations of those precious childhood mainstays: matching leather heart bracelets, tasseled textile bangles and beaded rings are the rage of the day.

Opt for these handcrafted best-friend jewelry this year and gift them to your friends to rekindle the spark in your friendship.

Everyday opal

Demure from a distance, multi-dimensional and gleaming close-up, the opal rewards a commitment to meticulous attention. In an exquisitely handcrafted engagement ring, the addition of this stunning stone makes the piece of jewelry all the more eye-dazzling. But the stone’s appeal trespasses the limits of the world of weddings and engagements. Artisans are increasingly adding opals in casual pieces of handmade jewelry that are perfect for everyday wear. With its warmly glowing rainbow flecks and natural variations, this October birthstone sublets a mystical, mysterious and awe-inspiring edge to oversize wooden pendants, spiky studs and delicate rings alike.

Mix and match handmade earrings

Whether it is because of an increased liking for body jewelry or the sudden spike in unconventional and multiple ear piercings, the preference for symmetrical earrings has escalated tremendously this year.  And when it comes to multiple piercings, who doesn’t want lightweights earrings in their ears that are easy to wear and carry? Therefore, handmade earrings are gaining tremendous popularity this year because of their appearance, style and diversity. There are endless ways of pulling off this new trend featuring asymmetrical earrings-from color-coordinated pairs with dramatic sizes to same-sized studs in different geometrical patterns. So with this fascinating trend, you can create your own style statement this year. And thanks to this trend, you can put your solo earrings from a separated pair back to your normal rotation.

This year, use personalized handmade jewelry to make you feel powerful and stylish. And this is the predominant trend of the year: employing jewelry to showcase your style statement and to reflect your personality. Without some pieces of your jewelry, you are incomplete! That’s the power that resides with these glamorous pieces of craft. The perfect handmade jewelry that highlights your preferences and personality can make you feel all the more self-confident and classy.

Want to know more about the current trend?

the swinging seventies are back! Arm cuffs that wrap around your wrist and chunky armlets are definitely the hottest handmade accessories this year. Especially when you are looking for something semi-formal or formal, these armlets are exactly what you need to look stunning. Stacking two or more handmade cuffs and then adorning the wrists with a few more will not be a rare sight. Filigree jewelry, made with silver, brass, aluminum, sterling silver and copper is becoming the heart throb of jewelry enthusiasts.

Artisans are also very fervent to create bizarre pieces of handmade jewelry this year. a hybrid of necklace and earring that connects the chain in the space between the chin and the clavicle is gaining tremendous popularity this summer. Jewelry enthusiasts are simply refusing to play it safe this time! Designers and artisans are coming up with bold, blunt handmade jewelry designs. Don’t be perplexed by seeing a trailing string of leaves from the earlobe going all the way to the opposite shoulder of a chic lady at the party, because that’s the new trend that has gained fame in 2018.

This mesmerizing style of handmade jewelry is celebrating the concept of asymmetrical look and gives a new edge to handcrafted jewelry items. Low necklaces that go as far as your waist are also the rage of the year. They don’t only make you look regal and steaming hot, but also enhances your personality. A plethora of handmade necklaces are showing off their bold design prowess with an asymmetric bent.

The colors of the year are modest, pale and light. These evoke a sense of composure and bring feelings of respite and relaxation even in these turbulent, chaotic times. Whether or not you’ll feel serene wearing these light colors, we are sure you’ll feel beautiful.

Handcrafted Statement jewelry is es[pecially popular this year. and the best feature of these pieces of jewelry is that though they are daring and bold in size, they are extraordinarily lightweight when made from natural materials. In fact, some of the handcrafted jewelry items are so light, you’d forget that you are even wearing any jewelry.

While fast-fashion has given impetus to mass production, the modern woman is looking for something that is meaningful, expressive and relatable. This explains the growing preferences of aesthetics for handcrafted jewelry. We suggest that this year you go with the raw! Not every jewelry needs to be classic. Uncut gemstones that look graceful yet speak a bold language will make you look ravishing in their simplicity.

This rugged look of uncut gemstones wills definitely be an admirable style statement for the modern woman. Be natural: choose handmade jewelry with blooming flowers, delicate leaves, vibrant colors, and eye-catching rosebuds to create your unique style statement. Next, go for filigree detailed handmade jewelry. The ethereal string of threads, beads or any other dancing element incorporated in to handmade jewelry gives it an intricate semblance with a whimsical effect.

Well, now that you are enlightened with the latest handmade jewelry trends, what are you waiting for? Start creating your collection and look beautiful! For any queries, feel free to contact us.


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