Bloggers cooporating

Are you blogger and you looking for cooperation with JO & LYD?

Get free with out any cost our cork accessories

Please read our terms and conditions for bloggers cooperation. Our products will be given free and at no cost if you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Those who are interested should be

Fashion Blogger,


Eco-fashion blogger,

with at least 3000 followers at Instagram, and at least 1000 followers on Facebook,or Instagram

Prior to any collaboration and for security reasons, bloggers will have to post at least two (2) product from our online store in order to find out that you are yourself and not someone else who is speaking in your name.

When you receive our product at no cost, you should dedicate at least two (2) article to your website, with at least four (4) photo.

The product should be posted to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts (if you have), with the accompanied link.

When you publish our products on your websites you should be accompanied by:

1. Description and name of the product

2. The Brand Name of JO & LYD

3. Three (3) Links of our website

4. The article will be published for at least one year

Any publications will NOT be deleted from your site or social networks.

There should be extensive reporting on your blog, without mentioning other similar products from other partners, including the link to the store.

Bloggers cooperation

You will send us at least 4 photos of high resolution, from indoor or outdoor space, clear and well lit, that have the theme of the product by JO & LYD. The 4 photos must be with the model or the blogger. Your photos will be used by our company to present this product from the e-shop,and from the social media. In short, you will be made JO & LYD presentation model!

They will be posted by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Jo & Lyd blog without any prior notice, but with the your blog link on our site. (This will help you to visit more visitors to your website, and will bring you to a higher position on Google with backlinks). Our store will have a permanent link to your website on our partners page.

We will also repost on our blog any article you choose from your blog, of course followed by your link, with posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr.

For any questions,or information, please do not hesitate to contact JO & LYD in the email:
Or P.M on Facebook messenger

Marketing Manager
Jason Larsson