Unique handmade jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry has a long, rich history. It is created by delicately handcrafting components together instead of using machines, and this process makes each piece unique. It’s thought that the people of Africa were the first to create their own unique handmade jewelry dating back thousands of years ago by using shells and teeth. Handcrafted jewelry gives a large insight into the culture of civilizations throughout history, and continues to be a popular mainstay today. Continue reading →

Wooden Necklace Jewellery

I have always despised plastic accessories. Mass manufactured without meaning. Those accessories always made me sick. Maybe it is because I grew up in one of the most touristic places in the world, Rhodes Island. I still remember all those cheap and awful Chinese jewelry hanging out of tourist stores. They were all the same.  Fortunately, among Chinese imitations, I found something that really surprised me! To be honest with you, it felt like I had stumbled upon gemstones in tons of mud and dirt.

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