For fine jewelry, JO&LYD is a sure bet. Established in 2012, in Stockholm Sweden, the online jewelry shop known for its meticulously curated jewelry and accessories collections from independent designers.

JO&LYD cooperates with local factories and skilled artisans. We support ethically and financially independent designers that create timeless jewelry. Each piece is handmade by artisans from Europe using modern and traditional materials. Consistency of our collaboration with designers from different countries our accessories are inspired by different cultures. Selling silver, gold, pearls, copper, and wooding jewelry in a style that transcends trends, or accessories like handbags and scarves, JO LYD already boasts fans in many countries around the world.

Our jewel collection uses high-quality precious and semi-precious stones in unique designs. That means that JO&LYD is the perfect place to shop for a personalized gift for a close friend or your loved one.

Balancing aesthetics and spirituality, each of our jewelry or accessory is represented by a different symbol and denotes an inherent meaning. Covering everything from jewelry to bags and scarves, or hats we have become a favorite firm among celebrities and influencers. If you’re looking for something that’s more than just an accessory, this is the place to look.

If you’re looking to discover unique luxury jewelry and accessories then JO&LYD is the place for you.

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