Handmade cork bags

Handmade cork bags

Cork, the new-old torrent that every summer enters our wardrobes in various ways (bags, belts, etc.) Cork fabric will take the place that it deserves in the apparel and accessories fashion world. Because it is a durable material, light with a complete summer feel. That’s the good news. The best is that we found cork  in beautiful, Greek, handmade handbags, designed by Maria Mauroudis

Handmade cork bags

All the bags are beautiful, elaborate, and carry the stamp of the creator. Because handmade things, they say, carry all the energy of the person who made them. And if that is the case, Maria Mavroudi’s handbags, apart from being stylish, are also a mood booster.

Take a look in our store and make your stylishcork choice.



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