Wood Necklaces

Handmade wooden pendants

Discover unique handmade wooden pendants from our new collection.

Kostas Tabakis create unique wooden accessories with excellent wooden design, and he is passionate about his craft. He is the creator of awesome authentic products.

Wood Necklaces

 He uses wood as the main material and decorates with small pieces of recycled electronic parts.
 All the wooden accessories are made of different kinds of wood, and it is 100% handmade.
His designs refer to ancient Greece and Cycladic art.

Handmade jewelry

 That’s why most of our accessories are only available in limited numbers.
Handmade jewelry is more of an investment than pieces that are mass-produced.

Handcrafted pendant

Support and buy handmade accessories. Wear something unique, handmade, with all the positive energy that comes with it. Wooden pendants goods are made by hand, and hands belong to people.
When you buy an accessory from JO & LYD you know that is unique. You’re keeping traditional skills and crafts alive.
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