Jewellery or Jewelry?

Well, both are correct. Jewellery is the correct spelling in British-English, whereas American English spells it jewelry. The word itself is derived from the old French word “jouel”. Whatever you say, Jewellery or Jewelry we are talking about exactly the same thing. We talk about consists of small pieces of precious gemstones and noble metals. But they are also made from simpler and everyday materials such as wood and glass.

Jewelry has been worn by men and women since ancient times. They have used for a number of different reasons. For example, as a symbol of social status, or as an indication of wealth and social recognition. Jewelry was not only for personal use. Many civilizations in the past have stored and kept large amounts of wealth stored in the form of jewelry.

Rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, and brooches, are the main jewelery set. Those sets can be attached to the body, the hair or even the clothes.

Unique handmade jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry has a long, rich history. It is created by delicately handcrafting components together instead of using machines, and this process makes each piece unique. It’s thought that the people of Africa were the first to create their own unique handmade jewelry dating back thousands of years ago by using shells and teeth. Handcrafted jewelry gives a large insight into the culture of civilizations throughout history, and continues to be a popular mainstay today. Continue reading →

Wooden Necklace Jewellery

I have always despised plastic accessories. Mass manufactured without meaning. Those accessories always made me sick. Maybe it is because I grew up in one of the most touristic places in the world, Rhodes Island. I still remember all those cheap and awful Chinese jewelry hanging out of tourist stores. They were all the same.  Fortunately, among Chinese imitations, I found something that really surprised me! To be honest with you, it felt like I had stumbled upon gemstones in tons of mud and dirt.

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Discover unique handmade wooden pendants from our new collection.

Kostas Tabakis create unique wooden accessories with excellent wooden design, and he is passionate about his craft. He is the creator of awesome authentic products.

Wood Necklaces

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What is Lifestyle

Lifestyle reflects the way of living. It’s the way we live including our style and our attitude in life. Lifestyle is expressed in behaviors as well as habits of entertainment and activities, interests, opinions, values. It also reflects the image we have for ourselves. It is the behavior and attitudes towards us and our environment.

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I promised that our handmade products would be unique like each of us. And we keep our promise

Our associates are people who like to create with their own hands. And I will not be tired of saying this. JO & LYD wants to support the man and the woman in our next-door and not multinational large companies. The handcrafted art, it was, it is, and it will remain, the art that highlights the overcoming of humanity.

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What is the best jewelry to use to produce an ideal image

What is the best jewelry to use to produce an ideal image? Beauty is everything where with all the designs it makes people look spectacular. As the saying reveals that beauty lies beyond the beholder represents the unique characteristics of an individual. Beauty is not all about facial or body expressions but also our inbuilt characteristics that define us. We can make our own accessories and fashion designed items.

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