How To Take Care Of Your Jewelry

7+ tips to make your jewelry last longer

jewelry care instructions Every piece of jewelry you have is an accessory that reflects your aesthetic and your charm. Every jewelry you buy from JO & LYD is made from precious metals and natural gemstones. So it’s very important to keep your jewelry in the best possible condition. Let’s see how to make your favorite jewelry last a long time.

  • Extreme temperatures are likely to damage your jewelry. Especially leather necklaces are very sensitive when exposed to very low temperatures.
  • You should never go showering or swimming or bathing wearing your jewelry.  Note that chlorine from the swimming pool can damage all metals such as copper, silver, and gold and will cause irreparable damage to your jewelry.
  • Avoid wearing delicate jewelry while cooking or cleaning with chemicals,  or gardening, or performing sports activities. You don’t need your jewelry care instructions at your gym.
  • Try to keep your jewelry clean by using a professional jewelry cleaning product. Keep your jewelry away from harsh chemicals like household cleaning. They are most likely to reduce the metal’s luster.
  • Store your jewelry in a clean and dry place, such as a jewelry box. Try to wrap each piece in anti-tarnish paper. That will maintain the shine of your jewelry. All the precious pearl pieces should be stored in a cloth-lined jewelry box.
  • Put on your jewelry after you use make-up, hair spray, or perfume. Remember that you always put on your jewelry last. Even better if you wait for 5′ after you use your favorite perfume. Make sure that your hairspray or perfume is completely dry.
  • Clean your jewelry before storing it. Sweat will make them look old. Before storing your accessories, you wipe off all the sweat.  In this case, the copper wire-wrapped jewelry is the most sensitive, but on the other hand much more easy to clean.

Following the Jewelry care instructions you make your favourite jewelry last for a lifetime.

Wire copper jewelry care instructions

How to clean wire copper jewelry care instructions.

Clean your copper jewelry with materials you have in the kitchen! Here are some natural methods to help you clean your copper wire jewelry. Let’s see some of the natural methods to clean your copper jewelry.

  • Use lemon juice: If you want to clean your brass or copper jewelry with lemon juice, you can mix it with baking soda. 
  • Add a little lemon juice slowly to the baking soda and stir at the same time with a teaspoon so that it becomes a gritty paste.
  • Use this gritty paste with a microfiber cloth to scrub your brass or copper jewelry.
  • After rubbing with gentle movements rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a clean cloth.

Another way to clean your copper jewelry is with… Ketchup!

  • Add your bronze-copper jewelry to a small glass.
  • After that add ketchup until it covers the whole jewelry in the glass.
  • Leave it to sit for two minutes.
  • Then rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a clean cloth. Dry with gentle movements and make sure that you don’t damage your jewelry. 

You can do the same with vinegar instead of ketchup. Many friends use vinegar instead of ketchup. I personally use ketchup. I do not recommend cleaning with vinegar because some copper jewelry will be discolored with vinegar and you will need to buy a special varnish to remove the discoloration. If you don’t have experience in the field of jewelry cleaning, I would not recommend it. I think only ketchup will do a great job! jewelry care instructions

Another way to clean your copper jewelry that many – not all – recommend is brushing with toothpaste and toothbrush. 

I do not recommend it. The toothpaste is not acidic, as lemon juice or ketchup. Toothpaste is alkaline. Of course, it’s not that bad to use it, but you won’t get the results you could have with ketchup. Most of the results will be obtained by all the scrubbing you do with the toothbrush.

If you don’t want to make your own cleaner, there are plenty of cleaning products on the market. But make sure that you follow all the instructions for use by reading the label. 

Sterling silver care

How to care for sterling silver jewelry care instructions

There are easy ways to keep our silver jewelry brilliantly shiny. Sterling silver care is easy, quick, and convenient. All you need to know is the right tips and techniques. It should be noted that silver cleaners are not for all types of silver jewelry. Before you start maintenance, you should consider whether your silver jewelry is decorated with precious stones or pearls. In this case, you should be very careful as this could seriously damage these stones. jewelry care instructions

Like all the precious metal alloys, sterling silver can oxidize with time. If you treat your silver well it will reward you with long life and a lustrous look.

  • For a speck of stubborn dirt, use a cleaner designed for silver use. There are plenty of silver cleaners on the market. But since these silver cleanings vary from country to country, I will not mention them by name.
  • For less stubborn dirt you can clean with a mild soap and water solution, and then patting dry with a polishing cloth.
  • Do not rub your silver jewelry with anything other than a polishing cloth. Tissue paper or paper towels can cause scratches. Use only polishing cloth, to avoid scratching.
  • Store your silver jewelry in a cool, and dry place with low humidity. No bathroom storage. Wrap each piece of jewelry in a soft piece of cloth. In that way, they don’t knock together and scratch. Make sure that is not exposed to air and light during storage.
  • Place a packet of silica in the storage bag.
  • Don’t wear sterling silver in chlorinated water or when you are working with chemicals. It is always best to put on your jewelry last when getting dressed.

These small and simple steps will help you to keep your favorite sterling silver jewelry care instructions looking brilliant for a lifetime.

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