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Hello to all of you.

As I wrote a few months ago my target or my philosophy was based on the support of local producers and manufacturers.

I believe that support people who create with love must be supported by our business. And in this motif we continue to develop our assortment. Cork bags is being discontinued at JO & LYD. We only keep the handmade cork wallets, because it seems that people really like them. And since there is something that you support, I have no reasons to remove those cork wallets from our lists.


Handmade cork woman wallet

Handmade cork woman wallet

So I am pleased to tell you that the cork wallets for men and women are still available at  JO & LYD. The cork wallets are being sold with a big discount and free worldwide shipping.

Local handmade artisans

I promised that our handmade products would be unique like each of us. And we keep our promise.

Our associates are people who like to create with their own hands. And I will not be tired of saying this. JO & LYD wants to support the man and the woman in our next-door and not multinational large companies. The handcrafted art, it was, it is, and it will remain, the art that highlights the overcoming of humanity.

By supporting new manufacturers we help them pay their bills. Their children’s schools. Have a decent life.

By supporting multinational companies, we help a few to buy the fourth or fifth most expensive house in downtown of New York.

If we want to see our world change for the better we have to be the first that become that change we want to see.

For this reason at JO & LYD you will see products that are unique like you. Products that have the manufacturer’s signature and make sure that are not going to be produced in thousands of copies. Why? Because they are unique accessories!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
 Mahatma Gandhi

Handmade wooden accessories

Continuing to the philosophy of promoting only handmade accessories, I want to present to you my new collection. It is 100% handmade, and having all the positive energy of the manufacturer. Accessories made of copper, wood and metal.

Now I would like to introduce to you the manufacturers with their grand creations.

Kostas Tabakis

I am convinced that you have never seen a handmade wooden pendant like Kostas before.

His name is Kostas Tabakis and he originates from Rhodes Island, Greece. He works as a cook in a cozy tavern in Rhodes town. His love and his passion for the creation and processing of wooden accessories are obvious. It appears from the result that is unique.

He has created wooden jewelry for about 5 years. Considering that such a beautiful living and simple material could embellish and express our inner world, it gives him the power and energy that, every wood carving looks more like mysticism.

Kostas uses many different kinds of wood. Each tree species brings its own propriety, its own energy.

In addition, he adds other metal materials of interest. In that way he tries to bring thoughts, images, and concerns to the surface, but he does not disturb the organics of the main material that is wood.

Wooden pendants

Local handmade artisans

Each wooden pendant carries something of his energy. It is true that the manufacturer’s energy is transmitted to their creations. And that applies to all arts.

my world my passion, enjoy!

Geplaatst door Mood Wood op Maandag 3 juli 2017

The wooden pendants are clearly influenced by ancient Cycladic art, and Greek civilization, characterized by an anthropocentric character.

kostas Tambakis

Wooden pendants made by kostas Tabakis

And combined with his everyday life and the pictures he get from there, it gives his wooden pendants a unique look.

Wooden pendants are not just another accessory on the market. They reflect the relationship between the human and the jewelry made of wood. An art that comes from the past and meets the today, in the best way.

mood wood kostas tambakis

Mood wood by kostas Tabakis

Discover Mood-Wood by Kostas Tabakis collection on his Instagram.

JO & LYD is the only place that you can order all those unique wooden pendants accessories. JO & LYD has the honor and the joy of being an exclusive partner with Kostas Tabakis. You can find all of his wooden pendants exclusively and only at JO & LYD.

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Although I had decided to discontinue cork bags. But based on the request of many friends, I decided to continue selling cork wallets. Since I want to reciprocate your love, we offer big discount and free worldwide shipping!

JO & LYD promotes handcrafted jewelry that is unique like you are. We continue to support new creators and designers that create handmade products.

I introduce to you Kostas Tabakis and his workshop Mood-Wood from Greece. He manufactures unique wooden pendants, for men and women

Let me hear your opinion 🙂

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