Handcrafted wooden creations

When I decided to work with freelance designers I knew that the project would have many difficulties. Especially when designers come from countries that are thousands of miles away from Sweden, like Greece.
I have been looking for a long time to find a good designer of wood jewelry that does not look like any other.
Until one day, a friend of mine suggested to me to check out the Mood Wood Facebook page.
Looking at the photos  was more than clear that the person behind the creations had a huge passion. And that was exaclty what i was looking for. Handmade wooden jewelry that are tottaly unique.  Jewelry that were unlike anything else I’ve seen before.

After my first phone and email communications with Kostas, I decided to visit him at his atelier in Rhodes island.
Seeing the blue sea and sky the first thought was to plan my next vacation in Rhodos. Dreamy scenery and hospitable people make you want to stay there for a long time.
Entering the little archway where Kostas’s lab is located, one word came to my mind. Passion

His passion for his creations is apparent in the wooden jewelry he creates. From the moment I Arrived at his atelier, I saw the way he exhibited his wooden accessories, and I was impressed!

Observing the countless wooden jewelry I began to ask him when and how he dealt with wood carving.

I’ve discovered the carving a few years ago when I felt that I would like of create something that reflect my own style. My own world. My own thinkings. I felt a strong desire to create something. I still remember the first time when I took a piece of wood on my hand, and I started carving it with a small pocket knife. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to create, but to be honest with you I didn’t care ether. Carving that little piece of wood, offered me incredible peace and tranquility. Since then, I continue to carve small pieces of wood that are converted into pendants.”

Is that your main job?

No. I work as a cook in a well-known restaurant in the city. It’s also a kind of art. After all, working at what you love is an art. 

What inspires your wooden creations?

” Every time I crave a wooden pendant I try to transfer on the wood the way I see the world. Each of my pendants reflects my thoughts and the way I look the world at that particular moment. That is why I would say without a doubt that each piece of my wooden pendants I carve is unique. I am influenced by the every day things that happend around me. I can be affect from an image i see on the street or a personal thoughts, and I try to convey that feelings to the jewelry. For example, the last years everybody we have noticed how much our daily lives have changed from technology, mainly through Internet. Dont forget I belong to a generation where all the kids from the neighborhood they used to play in the backyards of their houses every day- all day.  Now days I see kids surfing the internet almost isolated in their rooms.  I see people tilted their heads over a cell phone to living their virtual reality.  People I know who live just a few tens of meters away from each other and they communicate most of the time online.

After all, working at what you love is an art. .

I noticed that in some of your necklaces you place metal objects that come from electronic circuits. How did you come up with the idea of combining wood with metal objects?

A few days later I receive an email from a friend of mine. “ I met someone who makes very nice handcrafted jewelry. His workshop is called Mood Wood and is located in Rhodos Greece.

Searching his Facebook page i found finally what I was looking for!

When I arrived at Mood Wood, the small atelier in Rhodos town, I was looking out of the window I spotted, a lot of handmade tools and pieces of wood. On the lab shelf, I could see dozens of beautiful wooden necklaces that did not see anything like that so far. They were unique!

A little more close there was many pieces of wooden pieces from an olive tree, and ebony. Entering the workshop, I saw with great splendor wooden figures that spoke to the famous ancient Cycladic statues. The remaining wooden necklaces are carved and influenced by his personal experiences.

My first question came almost spontaneously to Kostas Tampakis.

How did that idea come for Wooden figurine pendant?

“I visited with friends some events for the 5000 years of Cycladic culture. The marble statues were not unknown to me. But at that moment an idea was born to me. How about if I could create some wooden necklaces that remind the Cycladic art as much as possible. I did not want to create a simple copy of the marble statues. My aim was to get closer to the character of the ancient Cycladic statues and then to add personal details to the construction and wood carving.”

Marble Figurines are the most important art creations of ancient Cycladic art discovered in the Greek islands. Most of them depict female figures and date back to 3000 BC. The Mood-Wood wooden figurines pendants are dedicated to the 5,000 years of Cycladic culture. Our laboratory decided to create wooden figurines in order to contribute in its own way to the events that take place in Greece and throughout Europe for the Cycladic civilization.

Mood Wood necklaces are not just another wooden jewelry. Each of the pendants carries the energy and the love of the artist. It is part of 5000 years of history that is continued by young people.

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