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Pentagram wooden pendant

Wooden Necklace Jewellery

I have always despised plastic accessories. Mass manufactured without meaning. Those accessories always made me sick. Maybe it is because I grew up in one of the most touristic places in the world, Rhodes Island. I still remember all those cheap and awful Chinese jewelry hanging out of tourist stores. They were all the same.  Fortunately, among Chinese imitations, I found something that really surprised me! To be honest with you, it felt like I had stumbled upon gemstones in tons of mud and dirt.

Those wooden accessories really touched me. Each of Kostas Tabakis pendants had to tell a story. I like accessories that have meaning. Accessories that emit a message.  All of our wooden Pentagram Pendant have spiritual meaning.

They are not just simple accessories. Wooden Pentagram Pendant is made for those who know what they want and what they are looking for. For those who know what they wear. For men who leave nothing to chance, and for those who wear something because it has a purpose.

Wooden Necklace Jewellery

This pendant could be interpreted in many different ways. The lines are part of a scheme that has been used differently in many civilizations since ancient times. Can you see what it depicts?

Let’s say a few words about the symbolism of the pentagram.

Pentagram Necklace

The pentagram symbol first appeared in Mesopotamia, and then it was used by the ancient Greeks and the Babylonians.

All those civilizations had given it a philosophical, mathematical and even a religious interpretation. As you have understood, it is not a simple symbol that came about by random chance.

In Greece, it was used as a symbol of the goddess Aphrodite but was also used by the older mathematician Pythagoras. Pythagoras saw Pentagram’s mathematical perfection and he used

It to symbolize the five elements:





An idea ( Spirit )

Take a look at our collection with many different wooden pendants. Our wooden pendants collection is made from the designer Kostas Tabakis from Rhodos island.

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