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Jewellery Photography

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get nice photos. You don’t have to buy expensive Nikon cameras (unless you have) or to hire a professional photographer that will cost you a few hundred dollars. Our mobiles phones cameras can take amazing photos. Let me introduce to you some tips on how to take your jewelry photography to the next level.

Jewelry photography Tips

Jewelry photography DIY

1- Clean and polish carefully your jewelry to remove dust and fingerprints.

2- Before you start to take your pictures make sure that you set your smartphone camera to save the largest possible files, through the settings.

3- Do not use your phone’s flash because it will flatten out the piece. We looking for pictures with more life and depth. There is a common feature between the food and the jewelry photos. You will never see photos of food that looks dull and lifeless. The same goes for jewelry. 

4- Be careful when you use your smartphone camera zoom feature. The photos may cause pixelation and some unwanted distortions. So better without any zoom.

Jewelry photography Tips

Jewellery Photography project

5- When you lay out the piece you have to make sure that all the quality stamps are flipped away from the camera. Also, make sure that any ornaments are facing forward.

6- If you are a beginner, it is better to take a picture with simple white backgrounds. In a case, you use different colors as a background that will make the whole Jewellery Photography project more difficult and more complicate especially if you are a beginner. Sometimes the most simple photos are the best.

7- A lightbox or a Mini studio box will help you to get some really clean and nice shoots. Is not expensive and it will help you a lot. Lightbox are readily available for 10-15$. 

Photograph jewelry

Don’t forget that the best light comes from the sun. Outdoor shoots with a natural light work much better. Try to avoid shadows. Proper placement is very important. Some suggestions for better outdoor shoots photos.

8- Use a simple phone tripod for better stability. If you have an iPhone you can use the headphones as a remote shutter release. Just tap the volume button to take the shot.

9- Use the burst mode. Take multiple shots at once. With this way, you can choose the best photo you like.

Tips Jewelry Photography

There are hundreds of  Youtube videos on phone photography. Many of those videos can give you great tips on Jewelry photography. Try to find editing tutorials. There are many photography and editing apps. Make sure to do your research before you buy. For a better result, I suggest you upload your photos at for better editing.

Get inspired by Jewelry photos. There are a thousand great photos, on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tumblr. And finally the most important. Get out and take some photos! Experiment with different photo styles. Show your photos to your friends and ask them for their opinion.  The more you practice the better result you’ll get.