Men cork wallet



Men cork wallet

This real cork wallet provides a smooth texture on a cork surface that is not only stylish but also highly functional.

Features of The Cork Men’s Wallet:

  • Anti-shock and dirt-proof
  • lightweight and convenient to carry
  • exquisite workmanship and fashionable design
  • Soft, flexible and durable
  • Slim design for comfortable pocket use
  • 2 compartments for bills and notes
  • Bi fold wallet with 6 cards slots to fit multiple cards
  • Made from Cork – Eco-friendly material



Men cork wallet

Are you an avid lover of trendy accessories, but also a friend of the environment?
Are you looking for a durable wallet that lasts for many years?
Do you make a point in your life by using only vegan products?
Looking for an interesting alternative to the usual wallets?

JO & LYD has just the thing you’re looking for unique men cork wallet:

A superior quality card case wallet made out of cork.

1 -Is it real cork?
Yes, it is real cork, it is cork fabric, it feels like leather but it comes from the cork oak tree instead of an animal

2 – How DURABLE are cork products?
Cork products will last very long, we can compare them to a great quality leather goods.

3 – How does it FEEL like? It’s cork, is it like wood?
Cork comes from the tree but cork fabric is very soft, silky touch and very comfortable to use/wear, yet with a rustic and amazing look.

4 – Are Corkor products GREEN?
Yes, they are. They are handmade with cork fabric. Cork is natural, renewable and a sustainable raw material.

5 – Is it suitable for VEGANS?
Yes, it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It is 100% leather-free, no animal products are used and no tests are made to animals.

6 – Can it be cleaned?
Sure. Cork fabric is stain and water resistant and just need to be cleaned with a damp soft cloth to be kept as new.

7 – I’m looking for a UNIQUE gift. Is it ONE-OF-A-KIND?
Yes, it certainly is one-of-a-kind gift. Due to nature of cork, every single product is different and unique, grain and colour may slightly differ from one to another.

8 – I purchased it today, when will I receive it?
Depends on where you are, due to our experience we estimate that deliveries to:
– US, Canada, Australia, South America takes about 10-12 days.
– Europe takes 3 to 7 days,
– Rest of the world takes from 10 to 15 days.

Worldwide free shipping !!!

Additional information

Dimensions 11 x 9 cm


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