Wooden cycladic figurine pendant




Unique wooden pendants from our JO & LYD collection of Cycladic figurines. Each wooden pendant is 100% handmade, therefore the quantity is limited. Made of olive tree wood, this necklace is unique in style. The Wooden cycladic figurine pendant depicts a statuette from the Cycladic art that was developed 5000 years ago. The carving time of this wooden necklace is about 6 hours.

The carving of olive wood is strongly associated with ancient Greek culture, and the modern time is reflected in the metallic component. The pendant dimensions are 5.4 cm high, 1.09 cm thick and 1.95 cm wide. It is a piece of handmade jewelry suitable for both women and men. Like all the accessories we have, this necklace is unique. You will not find anyone else wearing it and it is only available in a limited number. So when you buy this amazing necklace, and stay assured it is unique and handmade, exclusive for you. The wooden pendant comes with a black thin strap that is easily adjustable.

When you order this unique Figurine necklace, we will send it to you within a few hours, with free worldwide shipping.

Wooden Cycladic figurine pendant. Made by hand, this wooden pendant is suitable for men and women. Exclusively on JO & LYD


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