You are special, your accessories should be too

Support independent designers, Quality accessories

Support independent designers for unique and quality accessories.

Sometimes, the amazing, fast-paced world we live in can be a little too much. At the end of a phone or website is pretty much anything you want, cheaper than it has ever been before. Mass production has transformed the way we consume things.

But when it comes to accessories, clothing, and bags, that has not always been for the better. Sure, you can get wardrobe basics for work so easily, but you don’t always want that. When you are out at a restaurant and 6 other people are wearing the exact same top, the problems with mass production become all too clear. Yes, its convenient for you. But its convenient for everyone else too, and before you know it, everyone you know is using the same, limited range of products.

Quality accessories

There is an ugly side to it too, and that is the working conditions. You can never be sure just how those items are made. Those stories of child workers you hear about are not made up, it’s a real problem in many parts of the world. All of that sounds a bit depressing, but I just wanted to set the scene for our store and why our accessories and jewelry are so different.

We work with creative individuals all over the world, designers, and manufacturers who use organic materials to create amazing handmade clothing and accessories that are as unique as they are beautiful. We don’t stock Chinese mass-produced items, we don’t buy from brand names either. Our suppliers are small independent producers who are as passionate about their products as we are.

That means quality accessories every time, and as handmade items, each run is limited, and each item is always unique in its own way.

Support independent designers

We support those smaller manufacturers who are committed to quality. Because we believe that you are special, and your clothing and accessories should reflect that. You can buy these handmade items with confidence, knowing they are quality-made, ethically produced, and you can be sure you won’t be seeing them everywhere when you are at the restaurant!

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