The 7 Best Accessories for Your Custom-Made Suit

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Having a suit created exactly to your size, fit, and preference will definitely make you stand out wherever you are — be it in the office, at a business meeting, or a special event. Moreover, well-made bespoke suits will make you feel more confident, ready to take on anything that comes your way.

Since custom suits are specially made according to your requirements and vision, they can be considered the perfect outfits. But this doesn’t mean you can’t improve on perfection. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t add your personal touches to your suit to complete your look.

Below are the seven best accessories that will complete your bespoke suit and your look:

1.   A Tie

Whether you are wearing your suit to a formal event or a casual one, always wear a tie since this accessory will polish your look.

 If you’re aiming for a formal style, choose a tie that accents, or at the very least, matches the color, cut, and style of your suit and dress shirt. And keep in mind that the fewer colors your tie has, the more formal your look will be.

In case you will be wearing a striped suit, go for a solid or woven tie. If you will be wearing a suit with a solid color, use your tie to make your look more interesting by choosing one with stripes or bold patterns.

2.   A tie clip

If you want an accessory that is functional and makes you look dapper at the same time, wear a tie clip. A tie clip will keep your tie from creasing. Moreover, it will give your suit another fascinating element.

 Silver and gold plated tie clips go well with any tie color and design. However, if you want a formal look, choose a tie clip color that matches your belt buckle or watch.

3.   A pocket square

Show off your fun side even if you are wearing a formal suit by placing a bright, colorful pocket square in your jacket breast pocket. This is the one accessory that you don’t have to worry about standing out for the wrong reasons.

 To make sure your pocket square stands out, pick one that complements your tie. But don’t hesitate to pick one with bold patterns and bright colors, especially if your tie is dark-colored.

In case you’re not fond of bright colors, you can stick with plain dark or neutral hues and fold your pocket square into a different shape to make it more eye-catching.

 4.   An elegant watch

 The right timepiece will add elegance and sophistication to your look. But you don’t need to break the bank to buy the ideal timepiece. You can find an affordable dress watch that will work well with any type of suit.

When shopping for a dress watch, choose one that comes from a brand that is known for its good-quality timepieces. As long as you do enough comparison shopping, you will find the perfect watch at a price you can afford.

 5.   Handmade jewelry

A simple metallic necklace will go well with any type of suit. You can also add a handmade pendant if you want an edgier look.

However, make sure you wear only one necklace; the gangster look isn’t for everybody.

 Cufflinks are excellent jewelry pieces that will complete your formal look as well. You can also have them customized to show off your personality.

6.   A belt or suspenders

If you’re not comfortable wearing pants without a belt, make sure you have two belts that will complement your suit. One should be black, the other brown.

 The best way to match your belt to your suit is by matching it to your shoes. For instance, if you are wearing black brogues, put on a black belt.

In case you have a wide middle frame, it is best to wear suspenders since their vertical lines will visually narrow and lengthen your torso.

 7.   Shoes

Finally, the right pair of shoes will also elevate your look.

You won’t go wrong with having a pair of good-quality black oxfords since they go well with most colors. However, you don’t have to limit your options to black. Brown leather shoes also pair well with navy blue suits.

Whatever type of shoes you wear, make sure they are always clean and polished. After all, nothing spoils a great-looking suit more than dirty shoes.

Your suit can speak volumes about your professionalism and personality. If you want to elevate your career or impress others, start by investing in well-made custom suits.


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