Unique jewelry creations

Unique jewelry creations

Unique jewelry creations

Used as an embroidery technique, seed beads are sewn onto fabric backings in the creation of broad neckpieces and bracelets that are beaded.  Bead embroidery, which was very popular during the Victorian era, is enjoying a rebirth in today’s jewelry making. People have gravitated to the unique jewelry creations that they can concoct with various beads.

Jewelry will always be something to be marveled at as people continue to create different and unique jewelry creations of artwork.

Whenever someone is stuck on what kind of a gift to get for a woman, jewelry can always be the right answer.  Jewelry is one of the most beautiful accessories any person can wear. Jewelry, itself, comes with an interesting historical background and huge significance in our society today.

But let me first to say a few words about a word that has confused me a little bit.

Jewellery or Jewelry?

I have often notice that the word “jewelry” or “jewellery” can be written in two different ways. What is the right one? Many people support one version or another. Based on a little research on the chaotic internet and I found that both are right. The British English version, Jewellery, or American English version, jewelry, originated from the Latin word “jocale”, which means plaything.  The spelling has varied from different countries, but most know the American English version, jewelry. An interesting fact from the French language is that jewelry’s equivalent term, joaillere, which is the decorative metal that can be found in church items.

Jewelry is considered to be one of the most popular archaeological artifacts, with one hundred thousand-year-old beads made from Nassarius shells which are one of the oldest pieces of jewelry known today.  Forms of jewelry are unique between cultures but continue to thrive all across the world today.

But, jewelry is most commonly referred to as tiny decorative items that can be worn for whatever use a person desires.  It can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, or as earrings.

Materials jewelry

Materials jewelry has slowly evolved over time from a natural object, which was very abundant, to raw materials which were very expensive and required a large amount of skill to both mine, process, and then craft. While this led to some very inspirational jewelry, you would be hard-pressed to find it on anyone but the rich and important. The metals such as gold and rare gemstones were highly important in the crafting process, and thus only available to a small portion of the population.

A diverse group of material has been used to make up jewelry over the years.  For much of the early centuries, metal with the addition of gemstones had been a common combination for jewelry.  Throughout the years plant materials and shells have been used. As time has passed, more intricate materials have been used in the design of various kinds of jewelry.

Gemstones, amber, and coral are materials commonly used in jewelry. Enamel is one of the most important materials used in the beauty of jewelry.  Beads and precious metals are also popular material pieces used in jewelry making. When creating jewelry, precious metals are usually set with coins, gemstones, and other items.  Platinum alloys can range anywhere from 900 to 950.

Sterling silver is the most popular kind of silver used in jewelry. Stainless steel findings can typically be found in costume jewelry. Many of the other commonly used materials in jewelry making include:

  • Glass (fused-glass or enamel)
  • Wood (carved or turned)
  • Shells, bone, and ivory
  • Natural clay
  • Polymer
  • Hemp

Jewelry symbolism

Jewelry, in most cultures, can be understood as a symbol of great status.  The symbols can be represented through the type of material used or the patterns that the jewelry creates. Jewelry can be used to express tremendous wealth and it is something that people commonly want to show off to others.  Some of the main reasons that people have worn jewelry include:

  • Functional purposes such as a clothing fix or hairpiece
  • Symbol of social status as well as personal status
  • Signify some ethnic, religious, or a kind of social affiliation
  • Artistic display
  • Personal symbolism

What makes jewelry extremely unique is that it has been made to be worn on almost any part of the human body.  From head to toe, jewelry can be found throughout the body. Hairpins and toe rings show the wide range from top to bottom that people can utilize their jewelry for.  There have even been jewelry made for genitals and other more uncommon body parts.

Jewelry creations

Jewelry is commonly worn by both males and females, including children. But, there are several cultures that prevent people from wearing accessories.  As would be expected, older women make up the largest population of jewelry wearers.  The amount of jewelry worn by adult males is relatively low compared to other cultures as well as other periods in European culture.

It is very common to wear jewellery to signify a belief in a specific membership group, such as the Christian cross pendant or the Star of David representing the Jewish religion.  Some cultures have jewelry represent their status, such as chains of an office. Some pieces of those accessories may be worn as a symbol to fight off evil spirits.

Cross pendant

Cross pendant

When it comes to money, jewelry has served many different purposes.  Most cultures, at some point, have had large amounts of money stored away in the form of jewelry. Many cultures have been known to store wedding dowries in the form of jewelry or make it as a means to store or display coins.  It has even been used as a trade good or as a form of currency.

One of the more popular activities to do involving jewelry is beading.  Clay, glass, and shells are common materials used in beading. Beading jewelry can be used on jewelry worn around the neck, wrist, or ears. The size of the beads can vary, with seed beads being the smallest beads that are commonly used.

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